Home Cooking is a story quest for Sally Boyle to do.

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After her previous attempt at making Blackberry Joy fails, Sally must venture out and collect all the necessary ingredients herself. What perils await her in this endeavor?

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Find the Components to Craft Blackberry Joy Edit

For Sally to complete this objective, you'll have to complete many other story quests first. These include:

Once you have beaten "Ex Cathedra," you should have all the necessary ingredients for Blackberry and the objective should be completed.


- Mercury Amalgam

- Pituitary Serum

- Pheromone

- Digitalax

Synthesize Blackberry Joy Edit

Go to Sally's lab and interact with the grinder, which from the back door entrance is on the opposite side of the table, first thing on the left. Once you start the grinder, you'll need to interact with every component associated in the process in order to create the pills.

Answer the Door Edit

Shortly after she collects the finishes the batch, Sally will be alerted to someone at the door. Head over to the front door and open it to enter a cutscene, where a member of the Constabulary asks Sally for an update on Blackberry. Sally informs the man that it just finished, to his relief. He asks Sally to accompany him to the station, where other constables express their glee to the woman by putting on a show.

After their performance ends, the same constable informs Sally that while he is happy that they got the batch, they'll need another one soon enough given the nature of their work. Sally leaves worried, as she doesn't want to go through all that nonsense again, and remains adamant she must flee Wellington Wells.

Suddenly, Sally has a personal "de ja vu" moment when she remembers that the last time she was near completion of Blackberry, her daughter ended up being in danger. Paranoid, she decides to hurry on home.

Rewards & Unlocks Edit

  • 9 Experience Points
  • Unlocks several intermediate quests prior to completion, see above
  • Upon completion, unlocks the quest Connect the Dots

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