Hive Mind is a side quest in We Happy Few. It's found once Arthur comes across a stone hedge with a tree up a hill with many bees flying around it. There are signs warning about the bees' sting as well as three corpses lying about.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

Let's take some comb home.

Probably a bad idea to rob bees unless I'm wearing a padded suit, isn't it.

Do your worst, bees!

It's like taking candy from a baby. A lot of really angry, flying babies with venom.


Arthur will need to get protective gear if he wants the honey from the bees, he can either use a Padded Suit, a Reinforced Padded Suit or a Spiky Suit. If he wears no protective gear, his interaction with the honey will cancel out.

Once the armour is on, Arthur can head up the hill and take the honey from the tree. Once this is done, a couple Wastrels will spawn and aggro onto the player, do note that the bees will follow after the player, use this as an advantage to make the bees leave Arthur alone and attack the Wastrels instead.


Items that the player will gather Edit

2x Honey

Trivia Edit

  • The quest used to be called Bees. You were also able to get three jars of honey instead of two.
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