A Publication of the Wellington Wells Department of Health

Perhaps you've heard rumours at the market, or received a tip from a neighbour: there's a case of the sniffles going around in Wellington Wells! Here are some cheap and cheerful tips for keeping your home germ-free!

1. Never venture into any of the districts currently being beautified -- all that plaster dust can really kick up the germs! Don't worry, your friends in those districts will wait for you!

2. Don't neglect, inject! Phenocycline needles are indeed sizeable, but don’t let that put you off! That small ouchie is a small price to for robust health!

3. A Doctor a day keeps the ickies away! If you or any members of your household are feeling logey, do contact the nearest Doctor! In extra-icky cases, he may ask you or your loved one to undergo advanced treatment at a local clinic. This may take a matter of days or even weeks, but keen health will be worth the wait!


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