Heal Thyself is a tutorial quest in We Happy Few. It teaches players how to craft the Healing Balm.


In-Game Description Edit

Percy once told me how you could make a healing balm out of Rose of Gilead petals. They're red flowers, aren't they? Wish he was here, he'd know where to find every Rose of Gilead in the entire Garden District. Of course if he was here, I wouldn't be in the Garden District at all, would I?

Now I just need to mash them up into a poultice.

This smells surprisingly terrible.

Now I just need to use it, and I'll feel a tad bit better.

Wonderful stuff! I feel a bit better already. Maybe I should stock up.


After Arthur talks to himself about finding Percy, this quest unlocks, it's fairly easy to gather up Rose of Gilead petals as they are practically everywhere in the Garden District. Simply gather two up, go to the crafting menu next to the inventory tab, craft the healing balm and use it to regain some health.

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