The Head Knocker is a weapon used in We Happy Few. It is a makeshift club consisting of a tree branch with a rock taped to the end of it.

The Head Knocker is a good weapon for the early and middle stages of the game as it deals more damage compared to both the Branch and Pointy Stick, but it too will eventually become less effective against high-level enemies.

The Head Knocker deals moderate damage and is more durable than a Branch but is more expensive to craft than a Pointy Stick. It and the Double Knocker can also be bought from Johnny Bolton's shop.

There is a golden version of this weapon, known as the Golden Knocker that can be obtained in the Reform club through a sidequest. The Golden Knocker is stat-wise identical to the default version but is gold-colored and is unbreakable.


The Head Knocker can be crafted using:


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