well that was one of my more spectacular breakups. my god. i thought there was no one worse than anton.

they really mean it when they call us birds. he wanted me in a goddamn cage.

and Gwen oh god i'd have lost her.

i've never understood people who keep birds in cages. birds are meant to fly for fucks sake. how do you love a creature and put it in a cage?

anton thought i was his bird but there wasn't a cage at least. i suppose because he was always a little afraid of me. he wasn't a good enough chemist to tell if i gave him the wrong formula, and everyone would have blamed him. like they do now, and i never even sabotaged him.

what is wrong with men? they can go for weeks seemingly entirely like human beings. and then the monster comes out of the bag.
there's no reasoning with it
you aren't even speaking the same language

and you say to yourself, all, right, yes, sure, well, sure, the monster does come out now and then but if i say exactly the right thing i can get it to go back to sleep
or at least it only spilled a little blood it didnt actually tear off an ear or an arm or something and it says sorry for biting so hard and it has such pretty blue eyes

the only one who never did that was arthur i've got to stop thinking about him fuckety fuckety i'll never see him again. fuck.

well robert's got a year's worth of supplies and a bloody fountain to drink from. he's lucky i didn't bloody slit his throat.

he was right. i never have been this alone. i mean i always have, but i never have.

amazing what you can do when it's the end of the world.

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