Haworth Labs Exterior

Haworth Labs.

Haworth Labs is the factory where Joy is produced, located in Wellington Wells on Holm of Uskglass. It was established by the Joy's creator, Harry Haworth, but has since fallen into the hands of Anton Verloc.


Harry Haworth founded Haworth Labs, where Joy became mass produced to calm the population of Wellington Wells after the Authority Project during World War II.

Harry knew that the material for creating Joy will eventually run out, which led him to turn to other means to perserve everyone's happiness. He found that the source of happiness comes from brain chemistry, resulting in him doing research in phrenology.

Because of this, Anton Verloc outed him out to General Byng in 1957 and got Harry imprisoned as a test subject, making Anton the head of the lab. Dr. Verloc picked up where Harry left off and continued his research into creating, what he called, the "Permanent Solution".

During this, Sally Boyle eventually got to work alongside Verloc, creating Strawberry Joy. Though she soon left after a confrontation with Anton, taking her lab notes with her.

Events of We Happy few

Act I

Arthur Hastings must travel to the lab to find Cod Liver Oil for Sally Boyle, this is so he get a Letter of Transit from her so he can continue on to the Parade District.

Arthur pretends to be from the press and manages to infiltrate the laboratories, soon noticing it has fallen into a dire state. Before he can reach Verloc's office, he must face the environmental hazards, workers and the White Bobby.

After being confronted by Arthur, Verloc escapes, leaving Arthur alone in his office, letting him acquire the Cod Liver Oil by himself.

Arthur also stumbles upon test subject cells underneath Verloc's office, housing Harry Plantagenet and Harry Haworth himself. There is also a cell with broken glass that once housed Gemma Olsen before she escaped.

Act II

Sally Boyle heads to the labs to get the bottle of Cod Liver Oil for Gwen Boyle, her infant daughter recently infected with measles, but is rejected by Verloc at the reception. This is what forces her to ask Arthur for help to get the oil.

We All Fall Down DLC

On October 23rd, 1964, workers at Haworth Labs revolt against Verloc, blaming him for the recent bad batches of Joy. They demand for Verloc to be removed as administrator and bring back Sally Boyle. The Wellington Wells Public Works Department covers this up, claiming that the lab is in the middle of a "Beautification". Victoria Byng stops the rioters in order to get to Verloc.



  • In earlier versions of the game, Haworth Labs was known as Haworth Pharmaceuticals.
  • Haworth Labs doesn't show up in Act III.
  • An NPC named Ryan Andrews can be encountered, this a reference to fictional character Andrew Ryan from the Bioshock game series. Killing him unlocks the achievement Shocking Biology.
  • Alice Liddel is the supervisor of the lab.
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