Haworth Laboratory
4 Haworth Crescent
Holm of Usglass

Mr. Humphry Repton
13 Candlestick Lane
Village of Wellington Wells

April 6 1964

Dear Mr. Repton:

I have recieved your letter of March 29 expressing your concerns about your friend, Margery. You have done the right thing by writing to me. It is indeed troubling that her Joy no longer works as it should.

However, your timing is quite fortunate. Haworth Laboratory is beginning an experimental treatment for citizens with exactly your friend's condition. We believe the cure is a simple matter of adjusting her dosage of Joy, or perhaps switching her to a different flavour.

If you and your friend will kindly present yourselves at Haworth Laboratory during business hours, our staff will be happy to admit Mrs. Flowerdew to our clinic for treatment.

Sincere regards,

Dr. Anton Verloc, Ph. D

P.s. The anxiety you express in your letter suggests that you yourself may need a topping up of Joy. We would be delighted to admit you to our experimental program as well, as a preemptive measure.

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