Haute Cuisine inside the tower

Haute Cuisine is a side quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in Eel Pie Holm.


  • Get rid of the Kidnappers 0/4
  • Get the Key
  • Talk to the Chef


In the field outside of the ruins in a partial tower. When Arthur gets close, he will comment about someone being captured and the quest will become available. There are two ways to enter the tower.

One is secured with a 'tin can trap'. Going through it will cause the tin cans to fall, and every Wastrel in the area will come running. Best to avoid this unless the player has a Multi-Tool to disable it.

Once inside, Arthur will need to take out the four Headboys. It's a small area so locating them will be easy. Three are on the ground level while the last one is up a set of stairs. At the top of the rock stairs is a post with the key to a cage. Grab it, then look for another set of stairs leading down across the room.

They blend in with the rock wall, so they can be a bit tough to see right away, but there is another wooden post right next to them. Follow them down and talk to the Nigel Lawson to complete the quest.


I don't like these chaps at all. I think I should send them on their merry way, one way or another.

I bet there's a key to that cage around here somewhere.

What a strange man. What sort of man cooks for a living? Is he even a real Frenchman?

Still, it's unfair they locked him up here. I ought to see what he has to say about all this.

I ought to drop by next time I'm in the neighborhood. I wonder what sort of stew you can make out of fungus and leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • Nigel will be able to give the player a bowl of Chunky Stew every day.
  • During Alpha, the quest was significantly different.
    • There were no Headboys guarding the grass lands, and no camp set up.
    • There was a dig spot in it.
    • The tower was significantly shorter, only having the stone walls up.
    • There were two Wastrels camping on top of the tower.
    • The player was able to unlock the gate on ground level, though there was three tin can traps in front of the gate.
    • Nigel didn't have any hair, probably a bug.
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