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Hatches, or Shelters, are underground safe havens for the player. As the name suggests, all shelters are situated underneath Wellington Wells, far away from the prying eyes of the locals and authorities.

Every hatch adjoins to the Wellington Underground.

Buff TechFriendly.png Overview[]


Originally used to get to the train, the stairs leading down to the metro system have been boarded up, with the only way down being the nearby hatches.

When Dr. Faraday discovered Motilene, the underground was repurposed for maintaining Motilene pipelines. Council workers are supposed to work in the shelters, though by one reason or another, they've abandoned their stations.

Many of the underground shelters show signs of industrial accidents and general incompetence, their disarray is an indication that Wellington Wells is falling apart.


Every hatch contains a Workbench, a Chemistry Set, a Bed, and a Pneumatic Stash.

Buff BuiltToLast.png Crafting Stations[]

Workbenches and Chemistry Sets are used to craft various high tier items and gadgets. Usually the player can find either one or two random Blueprints on each station, adding another crafting recipe into their crafting menu.

Sally won't be able to use the Workbench, and Ollie is only able to destroy the Chemistry Sets. Arthur is the only character who can use both stations without any trouble.


Sleeping in a bed will regain fatigue. In Story Mode, sleeping for 1 hour will completely raise the fatigue meter to 100%. In Survival Mode, sleeping for 1 hour only regains 10%, meaning the player has to sleep for more hours. They'll also regain 5% health for every hour they sleep, regardless of the mode they're playing in.

However, sleeping for 1 hour will drain the player's hunger and thirst by 4'20'' points, and an additional 3'20'' is added for any more hours the player sleeps.

Hours Slept Cost of Hunger/Thrist
1 4'20''
2 7'40''
3 10'60''
4 13'80''


The Pneumatic Stash acts as a stash with unlimited space, allowing the player to put away any undesired items into the container to lighten up their weight, while still being able to use the items outside of their inventory.

In Survival Mode, however, the player needs to have the necessary items on them in order to craft new items.

Fast Travel[]

All shelters connect to the metro system, meaning the player can use the Fast Travel Access Hatch to travel to any other unlocked hatch without having to cross any bridges and meet the locals.

In Act I, the player has to clear the shelter of any dangers before being able to activate the hatch, in Act II and III, the shelters are already safe. However, the only exception is the shelter on Lud's Holm that's full of plague wastrels in Act II.

The player can also enter any activated hatch from anywhere on the map by clicking on the blue arrow. The player won't be able to fast travel if they're in combat, bleeding, dying, falling, overburdened, or is standing in a special location.

Buff LuckyBreak.png Locations[]

On every new game, all hatches are given a random location on the map. However, some hatches have a specific set location that they can only spawn in. For example, Abbott Estate is always the nearest shelter from Barrow Holm, while the two other hatches on Eel Pie Holm are located on the two smaller meadows.

Some hatches may be guarded by either Headboys or Bobbies depending on the district, sometimes they're located behind locked doors, requiring the use of lockpicks.


Story Mode[]

  • Barrow Holm Hatch
  • Eel Pie Holm Hatch
  • Eel Pie Holm Hatch 1
  • Eel Pie Holm Hatch 2
  • Lud's Holm Hatch
  • Maidenholm Hatch
  • Parade District Hatch
  • Ratholm Hatch
  • Ratholm Hatch 2
  • St. George's Holm Hatch
  • St. George's Holm Hatch 2

Survival Mode[]

The name of the hatch may change upon reloading the game save.

  • Cleeve Hatch
  • Cockroad Hatch
  • Giggleswick Hatch
  • Marston Bigot Hatch
  • Pucklechurch Hatch
  • Reeth Hatch
  • Snoring Hatch
  • Wraxhall Hatch

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Concept Art/Old Hatches[]

Garden District[]

Barrow Holm[]

Eel Pie Holm[]

Lud's Holm[]

Hamlyn Village[]


St. George's Holm[]

Parade District[]

Apple Holm[]

Survival Mode[]

Old Content[]

Pre-Alpha Build: 11219[]

Unlike how Hatches work today, Hatches in older builds had very limited functionality.


The hatch in the Garden District had a bed and a mechanical station, but no chemical station.

The hatch in Hamlyn Village and Emerald City had a bed, a mechanical station, and a chemical station. For some reason, the room that had the two crafting stations were separated slightly from the main room, meaning the player needed to take a running leap in order to get into the room.


None of the hatches had a pneumatic stash, so the player needed to sort their inventory and remember where they left their stuff, if they so inclined. The beds didn't increase the player's fatigue as that wasn't implemented into the game yet, so sleeping only advanced the in-game timer. Fast Travel hadn't been implemented either, so the player had to pass through the bridges if they wanted to get to the other side.

If the player endured a Joy Overdose, they'd pass out and wake up in the hatch in the Garden District, regardless of the District they were at before passing out.

Entering a hatch was instant, but leaving a hatch took a few seconds.

The Final Hatch[]

To complete the game, the player had to get to the final hatch that was located in Emerald City. The inside of the hatch was a corridor leading to a metal door with a high security lock that the player had to zap in order to unlock, and when that was done, they'd be able to escape Wellington Wells once and for all.

Getting into the hatch was quite difficult as the player needed to have the Multi-Tool, Worker's Outfit, and have crafted an Advanced Electro-Lock Shocker. If the player were to leave the hatch after zapping the metal door's lock, every single NPC will be suspicious of them regardless if they're conforming or not. Wastrels were the only NPCs that wouldn't have their suspicion raised overtime, so they wouldn't get aggressive and start fighting the player if they stood around.

11219 Build[]

Pre-Alpha Build: 11915[]

Hatches were slightly changed in this build. The player was given a personalized safe that could store their stuff across the islands, and still be used when crafting. The whole safe was not unlocked however, the player needed to unlock space like how they had to unlock space in their inventory. How this was executed is currently unknown.

11915 Build[]