Harry Haworth is a character in We Happy Few, and is the creator of Joy.


Haworth is a brown-haired man wearing a green and white sweater vest over a white shirt. 


After the German occupation of Wellington Wells ended, the people were overcome with a collective feeling of guilt and grief. In order to combat this, Haworth experimented with hallucinogenic chemicals and created Joy. This brought back the spirit that Wellington Wells once had. However, Haworth discovered that due to the political situation involving Wellington Wells no longer receiving imports, they would have a finite supply of Joy. Haworth wrote to General Byng about this, and suggested creating a permanent solution. Eventually, he was replaced and imprisoned by Anton Verloc, who achieved his position by sabotaging Haworth and his credibility. Verloc decided to experiment on Haworth, among others, in order to successfully create the permanent solution. 

Events of We Happy Few

Act One

Arthur Hastings hears constant mention of Haworth and discovers notes written by him all over Wellington Wells. He eventually discovers Haworth imprisoned in his former lab, locked away from the world. Arthur can then dose him with the latest test batch of the permanent solution, causing Haworth to bend over and begin to vomit. No other interactions can be initiated with him. A patient notes across from his holding cell states that he is highly dangerous and crafty.

Events of We All Fall Down

Harry Haworth is not seen during this DLC, but he is mentioned by Victoria Byng while talking with Anton Verloc.


  • His name is a reference to British chemist Sir Norman Haworth, best known for his work on Viteman C. Which can be used to cure and prevent scurvy.
  • Arthur Hastings can press the button on his cell, making Haworth vomit from Joy toxin.


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