Corporal Hardy is a home army solider put in charge of fixing the General's Bristol Pilot in the boat house. Being firsthand appointed, seeing how he's the joiner. He believes however that this is a bad idea, but General Byng disagrees with him.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act Two Edit

Sally Boyle greets him in the General's Office, before being dismissed by General Byng himself. She meets him again after the cutscene in the boat house. There he admits that he's having trouble getting it to work. She tells Hardy that her and her father helped fix up a Bristol Pilot during WWII. Hardy agrees to let Sally help fix the motorboat without Robert knowing. He is not seen or heard of after that.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Hardy means robust; capable of enduring difficult conditions.
    • Hardy is also a name of German origin meaning "Bold, Brave"
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