Future Happy Face Mask

Advertisement for a built in radio on the Happy Face Mask.

"They shape your face into a smile, and when you smile you can't help being happy!"
Victoria Byng to Ollie Starkey

Happy Face Masks are white silicon masks that every decent citizen in Wellington Wells wears.


There are two versions of the mask, one for men and one for women, though the only real difference between the two is the light pink lipstick the women wear over their masks.

Apart from that, the masks cover and define most of ones face while leaving out huge holes for the eye sockets, as well for the mouth so they can still talk. The signature smile on the masks are always present, even if a wellie shows agression or sadness.

It isn't uncommon for people to wear things over the masks, such as glasses or fake mustaches.


The Happy Face Masks seem to be a recent invention, judging by Ollie Starkey's comment regarding them to Victoria Byng, not remembering anyone wearing them before he decided to live in the Garden District. Despite this, they have become extraordinarily popular, to the point of them becoming part of conformity in the Village.

According to Victoria, the purpose behind the mask is to permanently shape ones face into a smile, keeping everyone wearing them happy. However, people are not actually smiling, it only looks like they are.



  • After the events of World War II, around the 1950's-60's, people really did wear masks with smiles on them to motivate each other to stay happy.
    • The art team at Compulsion Games were not aware of this during the first concepts of the Happy Face Masks, so this is mere coincidence.
  • During Survival mode, the masks are called Gilded Pleasure Masks and are collected to recieve Skill Points.
  • The Memory Masks are the only Happy Face Masks that doesn't have exaggerated smiles.
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