And here's a letter in what I am almost positive is in Clive's terrible handwriting: "Dear Director Byng,

One of your employees is a subversive, and may even be a Downer! I overheard him in the commissary telling a friend that he thinks that his job redacting old articles is "silly", and "what's so scary about the truth?" He is very tall, and slim, with black hair, and brown eyes, and glasses. I know I should have asked his name, but I am a naturally shy woman, and" 

And there it leaves off. A shy woman, are you, Clive? Or just a nasty manipulative schemer?

Trivia Edit

  • The note used to be called Anonymus Letter, in the current build, the note is called Scrap of Paper. But when picked up, the title changes to Handwritten Letter.

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