Quest is a side quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in Lud's Holm.


  • What's driving them crazy?
  • What's going on up there?
  • Grab the recipe
  • Uh Oh...

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Heavens, these people are mad even for Wastrels! I think they need help!

Is that Amanita muscaria? Percy would know, wouldn't he. It's not poisonous, seeing as they're not dead.

Something's going on up on the top floor. I wonder what?

I suppose I better make sure I'm not seen. They'll mistake me for a wolf, or a giant poisonous tree frog, and put me on a spit.

A recipe could be useful! I should grab it.

It's a recpie for extracting the active ingredient. I could do all sorts of useful things with a hallucinogenic extract. Even if I'm not Sally.

I did not kill their dog! I'm sure if I just explain myself -- Maybe I'd better just get out of here.


As Arthur approaches the house, one of the residents will throw a couch out of the window and a woman will jump off the roof.

When exploring the building, be aware of the trap wires placed around the entrances, as they can majorly damage Arthur. If he isn't particularly strong yet and cannot take on hoards of enemies, sneaking should be the better option.

When exploring the area, Arthur will comment on how the residents couldn't really have any dogs, as they ate them all during the war.

On the top floor, Arthur will realize that the residents have been taking Hallucinogetic Mushrooms, as well as a recipe hanging on the wall. After taking the recipe, the quest ends.


Items that the player will gather Edit

Hallucinogen Recipe

12x Histoplasma Mushrooms

Gallery Edit

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