Davy darling,

You wanted to know why I seem "off" today. But you already KNOW why. Even if you think I don't know!

Deirdre "returned" a hair bow to me that she'd found by the bed. She thought it was mine -- though I never wear chartreuse. I wanted to die! I absolutely wanted to die. You've been in OUR bed with Priss, haven't you? (No one else can pull off chartreuse). How could you?!!! I decorated that bed! To think you and Priss on MY parachute-silk sheets! How can I ever trust you again?

I am doubling up on Joy today, but don't assume that my smiles mean you haven't broken my heart.


P.S. Please return my Nick Lightbearer records and my good tweezers. We're finished.

PPS  I'm going to eat an entire cupcake, I don't care what you say.


  • Chartreuse is an extremely vibrant lime green color, see #7FFF00.
    • Its name derives from the French liqueur of the same name, which also has the same coloration in the drink itself.
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