Memo #1

Darling -- You said, "I don't suppose you don't have a better idea" -- here is my idea -- let me ask the witches -- I know I know they're "Superstitious idiots" but they were always talking about psychoactive herbs and they were actually rather clever women when my Mum had them over -- and they know every weed and stingy hallucinogenic frog on all the Holms -- and I've been racking my brain about the inventory problem -- I don't think we're going to find any more caches of old German goodies!


ADDED IN GEMMA'S HANDWRITING: June-ish 1961 I think. Sally Boyle's handwriting. Presumably to Dr. V

Memo #2

Beloved -- Please don't be cross! Just because they don't have university degrees in science -- doesn't mean they don't know any science -- you've got to stop underestimating people who don't think the way you do. Are you sure you're not thinking about this emotionally and I know how you hate that? St. John's Wort does contain a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and it does make sad people less grumpy -- for example.

We could advertise the new compound as a different "flavour of Joy" -- strawberry, say -- wouldn't that sound jolly -- if some people take to the new flavours, then our supplies could last a few years longer -- possibly until 1964! And by then maybe the monkey will learn to talk.

Just give it a ponder, please? For your


GEMMA'S HANDWRITING: July-ish '62. Sally again

Memo #3

No, I don't care that you took credit for Strawberry -- I don't care who gets credit so long as people are happy, and I certainly was not trying to impress the General -- no, I'm worried that you promised a "permanent solution." Of course you know far more about biochemistry than I do -- but I've never heard of a drug that permanently alters brain chemistry. Is that even possible -- is there a mechanism? Can you just chemically burn out the "sad" receptors in the brain?

The only "permanent" solutions I know involve electroshock -- or surgery -- and then we're back to phrenology!

I think I read people a little bit better than you do, darling -- the General is all very affable -- but we've now promised him results -- and we all know what happened to the last guy who didn't deliver him results, you know?

Please tell me what's on your mind, would you?


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