The Government Printing Office is an abandoned office that has been boarded up some point at the end of WW II.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

Arthur Hastings heads to the Government Printing Office to get a Letter of Transit. Finding it boarded up, he sneaks in the back alleyway. There he comes across Sally Boyle. They are both excited to see each other again after 16 years had passed, until they both mention the last time they saw each other. Revealing he's trying to escape Wellington Wells and find his brother Percy. She offers to help, saying she knows General Byng. However, Arthur gets angry at this and refuses her help. But reconsiders only to find Sally had left. A group of Plough Boys come in and attack Arthur. Players can either defeat them or leave the alley.

Act Two Edit

Sally Boyle meets behind the alleyway to get meet Mikey, as he has hospital information on a client that dealt with mustard gas. In the alley she gives him a note before he leaves. Arthur Hastings comes ducking behind the alley door. Their conversation is largly similar compared to Act One, with very small differences between them. The conversation ends with Arthur exiting the alley.

Act Three Edit

Ollie can find the Government Printing Office, but there is nothing special happening in it.

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