Glass Bottle is a throwable weapon and gadget in We Happy Few. It is a simple colorless transparent glass bottle with a blank, grayish-yellow label on one side. It will have a gilded bottle cap when wielded by the player, which will imeediately disappear once thrown.

Overview Edit

When wielding the glass bottle, the player will automatically aim at the closest target, although one can also manually aim their throw at a desired location by holding down the attack button.

When manually aiming, the game will display a red laser-like line that shows the trajectory of the throw, with a white reticle showing the point of impact. If the throw is aimed at an NPC; they will be highlighted by a white outline, even through walls.

The primary use of the glass bottle is as a thrown distraction item. When thrown, the glass bottle will fly in a set trajectory until it impacts a surface or NPC, upon which is shatters with an audible noise and various results. Once thrown, the bottle is destroyed and cannot be retrieved.

  • If it hits a surface or object, it will cause a distraction that will attract the attention of nearby NPC who will go over to investigate the sound, allowing the player to sneak past them or get behind them for a takedown.
  • If it hits an NPC, however, it will cause the NPC to become immediately aggressive and aware of the player position, unless the player is concealed in a hiding spot.

The glass bottle, like other throwables, can also be used to trigger tripwires from a safe distance.

Glass bottles are necessary if the player wants to obtain Strange Alcohol.

Location Edit

Glass Bottles can be found in a lot of places, including in Rubbish Bins, Rubbish Piles, inside loot containers and sometimes they can be found as loose items on the ground. Drinking Scotch or Strange Alcohol will also yield the player a Glass Bottle.

Although Glass Bottles can be found almost anywhere, they are somewhat more common in the Garden District.


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