Getting to the Top is a Story Quest in the Lightbearer DLC. It begins after Nick hears Morrie's tune.


  • Take service lift to rooftop
  • Investigate the rooftop
  • Search the rooftop stage for clues
  • Investigate the rooftop

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Of course, the rooftop bar! I know it well. I've fallen off it... well, at least thrice. That service lift in the kitchen should get me there.

Right, so the rooftop stage is around here somewhere. I wonder...

Do I want to know who that is?

Maybe there are other clues somewhere else around here?


Head to the room with the elevator but get inside the kitchen area to the left, in there, get to the shutters and press the buttons next to them. Nick will now be at the rooftop.

Use the Golden Records to throw against the red buttons next to the ventilations, the player will know if they've hit the button if they hear a jingle and see the steam disappearing.

The water is electric and will stun the player as well as take away some of their health if they traverse through it.

On the other side, get in the vent system and drop down on the other side, head to the right to find the stage with the body of Richard Bates on top. Grab the notes that are stuck against the amp with the cleaver. Two fans and a paparazzi will emerge from the right to attack Nick.

Once they're defeated, head inside the small room that is now opened up for the player. There Nick will find the bellboy suit on the clothing rack, confirming that he was on the roof and that he was possibly the one who killed Richard.

After a small talk with Virgil, Nick pops five yellow and red Joy pills at once while a cutscene showing somebody holding a cleaver approaches and attacks Richard. The quest ends there.


Notes that the player will gather Edit

Room Service (kitchen table)

Taunting Letter (stuck against the amp with the cleaver)

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the quest literaly means to get to the highest point of something. Ironically, Nick soon ends up getting to the very bottom after this quest.
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