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Germany (original composed of 39 German-speaking states including Austria and Prussia prior WWI).

In We Happy Few during World War II, Germany invades and successfully occupies Great Britain in 1943.

August 10th, 1948 Germany is defeated by the Soviet Union and Americans ending the war. Not much is known of what happened after the war ended during the 1950's and early 1960's.

History Edit

The assassination of the Archduke of Austria (Franz Ferdinand) sparks World War I on July 28th, 1914. Germany surrenders November 11th, 1918 signing a peace treaty. During the 1920's the National Socialist German Worker's Party (Nazis) slowly rose to power with it's speaker Adolf Hitler. In 1933, Adolf becomes the chancellor of Germany, later known as Der Fuehrer.

September 12th, 1939 Nazi Germany invades Poland, sparking World War II. Germany launches two invasions on Great Britain, the first repelled in 1942 and the second fully successfully in 1943.

In 1944 Adolf Hitler dies of illness with General Erwin Rommel replacing him, disposing the Nazi Party. Germany and occupied Britain fight the Soviet Union.

August 10th, 1948 Germany, Berlin is bombed by America and the Soviets. Germany surrenders, ending WWII.

We Happy Few Edit

During the occupation of Wellington Wells between 1943-1947, the Germans and British home army established camp grounds surrounding the town with tanks. The 'Authority' Project was established by Colonel Von Stauffenberg to send all children under age 13 to Germany by a train, for unknown reasons.

However, at some point the real tanks were returned back to Germany, so they built fake tanks made of papier-mache to prevent the townsfolk from rising up against them. After WWII the Germans returned to their mainland.

This event would later be known as the "Very Bad Thing" by the citizens in Wellington Wells.

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