Gerald Browning is a former Wellie and newcommer to the Garden District, the player only encounters him and his wife, Daphne Browning, in Act One.

Appearance Edit

Gerald is a man with short brown hair, brown eyes, wears a white buttoned shirt under a green diamond patterned vest, black pants as well as black shoes. He is still wearing his happy face mask.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Gerald Browning and his wife Daphne used to be respectful citizens in Wellington Wells. That is, until they both got a bad batch of Joy and ended up being unable to take one anymore. Because of that they were forced to flee to the Garden District, taking everything they could so that they could survive.

However, unable to find a livable house that they could move in to, the couple built up a small camp. However, the Headboys saw how poorly defended the couple were and decided to take whatever they wanted from them just to torment them.

When Arthur Hastings comes across the couple, they ask him to come back at night to protect them from the Headboys. If Arthur accomplishes this he causes the Headboys to run away, the couple shows their gratitude by giving Arthur the things in their suitcase. He will also obtain a note from the suitcase.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most Downers, Daphne and her husband still wear their fashionable clothes, as they are newcommers to the Garden District.
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