George III was the King of Great Britain and Ireland between 1760 and 1820.

History: Edit

George III (George William Frederick) was born 4th, June 1738. He was crowned 25th October, 1760. During the American Independence War, George III opposed of America's independence from the United Kingdom. But was forced to surrender in 1784, due to the France's involvement. Between the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, he began to show signs of mental illness. Which later earned him the nickname Mad King George. In 1811 George III was deemed unfit to rule and sign regency to have his son rule as proxy. On January 29th, 1820 he passed away at age 81.

We Happy Few: Edit

In Uncle Jack segment Famous Britons, he portrays King George III or Mad King George. Interviewing him (Jack) about his past life but keeps changing the subject to carrots and farming. Uncle Jack uses George III as an example stating that if Joy had been available back then, maybe he wouldn't have gone quite mad.

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