Gemma Olsen is a reporter for the Hamyln "O" Courant, living in Wellington Wells and encountered during We Happy Few.


At the demand of her boss, Editor in Chef Margaret Oliphant, Gemma started doing research on the activity of public workers within the city's infrastructure. She soon found out that the whole city is moments before collapse, mostly because of the workers being apparently victims of a "bad batch of Joy", which Dr. Verloc tried to dismiss.

Following this discovery, Gemma pushed her investigation towards Haworth Labs, its founder Harry Haworth's recent disappearance and its current director Anton Verloc. She devoted her home in St. Georges Holm of the Hamlyn Village and most of her time to the research. However, she was eventually interned at Haworth Labs and being experimented with Verloc's new Joy formula. She made several escape attempts and eventually succeeded, but was caught back by Joy Doctors at her home.

Her absence caught the attention of her boss, who grew concerned about her well-being.

Events of We Happy fewEdit

Act OneEdit

In order to get the press pass from Mrs. Oliphant, Arthur Hastings finds out what happened to Gemma and he breaks into her home to do so. After searching through the place, he hears screams from outside. Arthur approaches the window to see Gemma being dragged away against her will by Joy Doctors, under the order of Anton Verloc to Haworth Labs.

While infiltrating Haworth Labs Arthur comes across three cells. Two of the cells houses Harry Plantagenet and Harry Haworth himself. The glass to the third cell has been broken by a garden table thrown from the inside. Reading the patient notes on the wall, it is revealed that this cell belonged to Gemma, who was held there under inhumane circumstances. Gemma was medicated and apparently tried to bribe a caretaker with sex. The doctor noted that a lobotomy is recommended. As evident, Gemma managed to escape, but her whereabouts and status are unknown, as she is not encountered again during the entire game.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Gemma is an italian name which means "gem, precious stone", meanwhile her surname, Olsen, is that of Danish-Norwegian origin which means "son of Ole".
  • In the newspaper that the player and NPCs read, at the bottom right is a section describing how Gemma Olsen 'accidentally reported last week's article regarding the Parade District's quarantine' to which the Parade District is certainly not quarantined in the slightest.


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