Gas Mask is a clothing item that Bobbies commonly wear during the night, it can be found in few select areas of the game, otherwise the player can buy them from shops or craft one from their crafting menu.

It is mainly used to protect against poisonous gases throughout areas of the Garden District or Hamlyn Village. It only degrades whilst the player is standing in the gases.

Location Edit

There is one safe house in Hamlyn Village that has a locked up door to the left side, inside of the small room is a gas mask for the player to use.

Trivia Edit

  • Joy Doctors used to wear a gas mask that resembled that of a plague doctors mask.
  • There is a type of gas mask in the game files called "Better Gas Mask" that is only accessible through console commands.
    • The Better Gas Mask isn't unsused per se (Bobbies are found wearing it), but the player is not able to retrieve the mask through normal gameplay.


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