Food Poisoning is an ailment in We Happy Few that can cause an overall health reduction. Food Poisoning can be caused by eating food items that have spoiled. It can kill the Player if they eat many rotten foods after getting Mild Food Poisoning. Characters can remove 1 stage of Food Poisoning by drinking Sick Up Tea or taking Neximide Pills which induces vomiting.

Mild Food Poisoning: The Players vision will get randomly blurred and cannot sprint for a few seconds. Lasts until it goes away or the player uses Sick Up Tea.

Serious Food Poisoning: Same as above, but after a timer ends the Player will instead Vomit periodically until the Player's Hunger Meter depletes.

Fatal Food Poisoning: Same as above, but if the sickness is not cured the Player will start blacking out and eventually die. Using Sick Up Tea can revert this back to Serious Food Poisoning.

Items that can cause Food Poisoning include:

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