Food Poisoning is an ailment in We Happy Few caused by eating bad food stuffs.

The player can view its effects in their Stats menu, this will help the player see what stage Food Poisoning is at and what action they should take with it.



Upon eating something that's gone bad, the player will get Food Poisoning. Depending on the food they ate, as well as how much of it they ate, the player will get a certain stage of Food Poisoning.

While poisoned, the player's health reduces over time, with a higher reduction depending on the severity of the stage.


Mild Poisoning

The player's vision will get blurred while time slows down (similarly to Scotch) once or twice. Lasts until the effect goes away.

Serious Poisoning

When the timer ends, the player will vomit periodically until the player's Hunger Meter depletes.

Fatal Poisoning

If the sickness is not cured, the Player will start blacking out and eventually die. Sick Up Tea can revert this back to Serious Food Poisoning.


To get rid of food poisoning, the player has two options.

Sick Up Tea

Sick Up Tea is a special kind of beverage that causes the player to vomit immediately, getting rid of Food Poisoning in the process at the cost of making the player hungry again right afterwards.

If the player is in Survival Mode, starvation can lead to death.

Sick Up Tea is not generally recommended to take unless it's necessary, and if the player has no other options.

Neximide Pill

Neximide Pills are special kinds of drugs that gets rid of any and all Food Poisoning, without any side effects afterwards.

While it's not too rare to be found in the Garden District, one pill may be found in abandoned houses, plentiful Neximides can be found in Wellie's houses.


Items that can cause Food Poisoning include:


  • Many Wastrels in the Garden District endure Food Poisoning, mostly due to fresh food having gone rotten as soon as it hit the air.
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