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The Food and Drinks Tab.

Food are consumable items in We Happy Few used to regain Hunger and Thirst.

In Survival mode, keeping hunger and thirst up is required as to prevent death. In story mode, they're simple measurements that take a toll on the player's stamina.

Rotten foods can cause Food Poisoning.

Buff WaitForIt.png Function[]

Story Mode[]

Increasing Hunger/Thirst[]

When the player eats something, their hunger/thirst increases by a set amount. The number cannot be increased by eating multiple food items, it only increases by a food or drink that has a higher set value.

The max hunger the player can get is 23'00'' (V-Meat, War Ration, Pie, Sandwich, Chunky Stew) and the max thirst is 20'00'' (Toasted Chicory).

Stage 30'00''[]

When one of the values reaches 00'00'', the player gets an extra 30'00'' hunger/thirst before needing to eat or drink some more. The player gets some of their stamina cut off when the value is around 00'20''.

When the value reaches 00'00'' (the value that would usually starve/dehydrate the player), it becomes --'--''.

When hunger/thirst is below 30'00'', any food or drink will surpass whatever amount the player previously had set, even if the food's value is as low as 00'16''.

If the player had food above 30'00'' (ex. 00'01'') but their thirst was below 30'00'' (ex. 27'46), then, when the food's value reaches 00'00'' it'll even out with the exact same amount as the thirst's value (ex. 27'45), and vice versa.

Decreasing Hunger/Thirst[]

Hunger/thirst will decrease by 00'01 every second. Sprinting seems to decrease hunger/thirst by 00'01'' every half second.

1 hour of sleep decreases hunger and thirst by 04'20'', an additional 03'20'' is added for any more hours.

Survival Mode (TBA)[]

When the player eats something, their hunger/thirst increases by a set percentage. The percentage can be increased by eating multiple food items.

When either hunger or thirst reaches 0%, the player enters the dying stage and has to eat or drink something or else they'll die. If the player chose to turn permadeath on, they won't enter the dying stage and will instead die instantly.

List of Foods[]

* = this item is not used in any crafting recipe.



Rotten food[]

Buff Conformist.png Trivia[]

  • The 24th Update to the game removed health bonuses from food.
  • At some point, all food items were able to go rotten after a few days. This feature has since been removed.
    • Aside from the meat and vegetables, it's unclear what berries, drinks, and the rest would've turned into.