The Flaming Lead Pipe is a collective name referring to two melee weapons in We Happy Few, those two being "The Pipe Down" and "The Spitfire".

It is a standard Lead Pipe that has been modified with the addition of a Power Cell which is connected to a hose that leads to a blowtorch nozzle pointed at the L-shaped end of the pipe. The blowtorch heats up the pipe's other end to become incandescent, glowing-hot with sparks flying off of it. The entire assembly is attached to the pipe with a Metal Tube fixed to the bottom of the pipe and held in place by a rope wrapped around the handle end.

The "Pipe Down" has one such assembly while the "Spitfire" has two assemblies. On the "Pipe-Down", part of the pipe just below the l-shaped end has been sheared open by the heat while the "Spitfire" has a t-shaped intersection in that same area.

Overview Edit

The Flaming Lead Pipes are very powerful high-tier weapons that inflict high impact damage and also have a chance to set the target on fire, causing additional damage over time. Damage-wise, they are the third-most powerful weapons in the game, behind only the Flaming Axe and the "Sandman".

The Flaming Lead Pipes are rare weapons that are not found until late into the game. The first such weapon is a "Pipe Down" encountered as the signature weapon of the White Bobby in Act 1. After that, both versions can be obtained by either crafting them or looting them from Red Bobbies and Wellies in the Parade District.

The Flaming Lead Pipes are amongst the best weapons available to the player, dealing enough damage to allow the user to take on and defeat any enemy in the game while being durable enough to last through several engagements. In addition to that, they are quite light in terms of weight, weighing only 1-2 lb.

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