Fiona Adams is the wife of Stewart Adams, the shopkeeper of the Apothecary in St. Georges Holm. She resents Sally Boyle for "borrowing" and giving her husband plans for a better future. She is only encountered during Act Two.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act Two Edit

Sally Boyle visits the Apothecary to get the Pituitary Extractor to obtain mustard gas from Col. Edward Lawrence only to find Fiona Adams. She angrily accuses her of putting ideas in her husband's head about travelling to London to become a doctor. Sally rebuts, saying maybe he liked her because she thought he could be more. This is the final straw for Fiona as she ends up yelling at Sally to get out.

Trivia Edit

  • Stewart refers to her as Cerberus to Sally, all bark but no bite.
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