Finding Faraday is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few. Arthur has just left the old Government Printing Office and talked with the bobby who informs him that the bridge to St. George's Holm is under construction and requires Dr. Faraday to fix it. Arthur decides to go look for Dr. F on his own.


  • Go to the Bobby HQ
  • Ask the Duty Officer
  • Take the elevator up to the records
  • Ask the records constable
  • Get Dr. Faraday's file location by any means

In-Game DescriptionEdit

I need to find Dr. Faraday so he can fix the bridge to St. George's Holm. Except according to that constable, it's a secret where Dr. Faraday is. But they'd know at the headquarters.

So off I go to the Police Constabulary Headquarters, packed with pituitary mistakes who'd like nothing better than to pound a downer like a pint at closing time.

Maybe the duty officer at the front desk can tell me.

Let's see if I can talk my way past the record bobby too.

Lovely how chipper everyone is on Joy. I hadn't realized how annoying they also are. What a jobsworth!

Surely he knows where Dr. Faraday is, or where his adress is.

Maybe I can distract the Bobbies, or sneak in the back? Anyway, don't mind me!

I bet Sally could simply ask her friend the General where Dr. Faraday is. Of course if I hadn't practically called her a whore, I wouldn't need to know where Dr. Faraday is, would I?


Arthur makes his way down to the Constabulary Headquarters to get more information on where Dr. Faraday is located, after an argument with the bobbies at the front desk, he heads down the corridor to take the elevator up to the records room. There he will encounter Constable Peters, the same constable he had to show his passports to as a child.

After a brief memory of the train, the elevator has stopped at the records room. There Arthur asks Constable Cozans if he has the adress for Dr. F, to which he responds that it is a secret. This forces Arthur to break into the records room to find and steal the information from them.

Arthur can break into the room via the vent in the room at the end of the hall or via a keycard in the room at the beginning of the hall.


The notes, Interrogation Report, Tell Him to Fuck Off, Request for Persecution, Downer Report and Faraday's Location can be found inside of the HQ.

The memory, Sweets, can be found in the room at the end of the hall.

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