Outside of Faraday's Workshop, note the electrical beam above.

Faraday's Workshop, or Carmarthen House, is the building that Dr. Faraday, James Maxwell and Roger Bacon resides in.

Depending on the Act, it appears in Lud's Holm, St. George's Holm and Maidenholm.

Layout Edit

There are two levels that the player can explore, three if playing the DLC.

First Floor Edit

The main hallway has a fireplace, dresser, Workbench, piano and an armchair that James reads the newspaper at. There is also a control box which controls a TV spanker, using a shortspike on the box will not aggrovate the inhabitants.

Down the hall is another dresser and the TV spanker that is connected to the control box from the main hallway, there's a trail of red daisies that lead to the kitchen.

The kitchen has a small dining table with only two chairs besides it, a stove, a counter and a meat cleaver hanging on the wall. There is another control box that controls the security system in the wet room. From the kitchen, the player can follow the flower trail to a small bedroom.

In the bedroom is a pink king sized bed with lots of white pillows with blue anchor imprinted on top, two chests on each side. There's a miniature car, bus and spankers on top of one of the chests. On the wall is a black and white pictures of a sailor boat, on the other side is a framed drawing of James and Roger on a the SS L♡ve boat. Above the bed is a picture of a muscly man with the caption "Victory meat makes you strong"

Next to the bedroom is a small room with a pole in the middle, Roger tends to dance by it. The note on the doorframe says that it is not a dance hall nor that the pole is for dancing.

Next to the dance hall is a soaking wet room, if the player hasn't turned off the security system, they'll be locked in the room while toxic fog fills the room.

On the other side of the wet room is a staircase, underneath the stairs are tons of objects placed about.

Second Floor Edit

Above the stairs is a small shelf with a chest on top, and on top of the chest is a lockpick.

Up the stairs is another TV spanker with the control box right next to it. And down the hall is Faraday's cage, this is where Helen Faraday is locked up. In Act III Roger and James will be locked in the cage instead of Helen.

The Basement Edit

During the They Came From Below DLC, there will be a basement area that can be acessed through a hatch underneath the stairs.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The location of the house changes during each Act, it is unknown as for why this is.
  • Carmarthen is the county town in Wales, UK.
  • The music that plays in the building is called The House of Curious Behaviours, it also appears at the Reform Club and briefly at the beginning of the Oh, Behave! quiz, before changing to another track.
  • There is a blackboard close by the cage where the houseboys write down Faraday's mood and behaviour:
    • Oct. 1: Irritable
    • Oct. 2: Irritable
    • Oct. 3: ?
    • Oct. 4: Contemptuous?
    • Oct. 5: Bad
    • Oct. 6: Peevish
    • Oct. 7: Flew into a rage
    • Oct. 8: Grousing
    • Oct. 9: Pacing
  • In the DLC, the kitchen table is set up with a fal eaten cake and other party decorations, suggesting it was recently one of the boys' birthdays.
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