Faraday's Houseboys is an altered quest from the Alpha builds. It is currently part of both House of the Inventor and The Faraday Cage.

Objectives Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The player had to retrieve a bucket of motilene to Faraday. To get the Motilene, the player had to get to the Downer Investigation area and place the bucket under the leaking Motilene pipe. Then they had to go back to Faraday with the bucket.

After that, the player was tasked with extracting five cars in Hamlyn Village for advanced parts. One of the cars could be inside the Blood in the Streets area.

After getting the five parts, Arthur would've returned to Faraday with the items. He then had to leave and come back the next day.

The quest has been split and altered from what it is today.

Changes Edit

  • Faraday's Lab is in Lud's Holm during Act I instead of in St. George's Holm.
  • The player now has to get three advanced bits instead of five.
  • The player gets motilene from abandoned houses with motilene leaks inside.
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