This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found on the control switch console on the right hand side of the generator room to power the first gondola with the Activator puzzles.
"Sounds like the robots were trying to defend themselves from her."
— Roger's statement after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit

December 25, 1961

My 35 robots are making excellent progress excavating underneath the house. They are starting to build my planned facility. What a nice Christmas present -- if I hadn't had to constantly update their instructions!

January 7, 1962

The robots on the other side of the portal have become wilier. At first they blocked the portal with sheets of an incredibly hard steel alloy whose components I am still attempting to identify. Then three of them attempted to cross of their own accord. Fortunately my robots captured them. I have taken to closing the portals quickly, and moving their location, to avoid any further surprises.

And yet it is very hard to tell what work, if any, the robots are doing in their native habitat! If they were doing things for their makers I could understand their reluctance, but there is still no sign of their makers, or anything useful that the robots over there are doing. A good thing I found them!

Once the Facility is fully built, I can turn my research to some use.

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