Fab Threads (formerly known as the Fancy Suit) is a craftable outfit in We Happy Few. It is a red-colored Proper Suit, with added-on white ruffled cuffs, a white ruffled cravat and a white dress shirt underneath the main suit.

It is the signature outfit of Nick Lightbearer.


The Fab Threads is a late-game outfit that allows the player to move around in the Parade District and Hamlyn Village without raising any suspicion. It essentially an upgraded and more expensive version of the Proper Suit.

Old Content Edit

Old Crafting Recipes Edit

In previous builds, the Fab Threads/Fancy Suit could be crafted with the following materials:

Alternatively, the following materials:

Old Descriptions Edit

The Fab Threads/Fancy Suit had the following descriptions in older builds

  • "Don't you look smashing! And ordinary folk don't like to question their betters."
  • "Impress everyone! Even Wastrels!"

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