This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below.

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March 2, 1962

I visited the Executive Committee today. What a bunch of numpties. I offered them mechanization -- there hasn't been a car in Wellington Wells since the Germans rolled out! All they could think of was some sort of vehicle to run around scooping dead bodies off the street. Apperantly Doctors don't want the job anymore.

I'll have my robots build it, but I'm bloody well going to make it look ridiculous. Like a teapot! Serve them right.

July 31, 1962

I wonder if I could use the central processing unit of one of the larger robots to build a more effective Joy detector!

Actually it would probably be too complicated to program a single Robot Processing Unit to detect the various signs of Joy noncomliance -- the infrared, the spectogram, etc. But I could use one RPU for each, and then a RPU to synthezise all the data. Certainly simpler than what I had to do to design the Revolvers, with no help at all!

I'm really going to have to find some way to use these robot legs I'm accumulating. The RPUs, eyes and torsos are much more useful. Waste not, want not.

October 23, 1962

I know what could be useful! Agricultural robots! We need food, and people don't seem to garden like they used to! And plowing, tilling, and so forth ought to be easy enough to program, especially if you use more than one RPU.

Weeding would be really useful. No one likes to do that. Imagine a big sort of spider where each leg is a weed digger/cutter? Or several spiders working alongside each other? (If two heads are better than one, how about four heads?)

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