Ex Cathedra is a story quest available for Sally Boyle to complete in Lud's Holm.

Background Edit

After talking with the witches for advice on how to proceed making Blackberry Joy, Sally is given a Butterfly Net by the trio. The net is used for catching butterflies whose pheromones can be used for making the Blackberry Joy. However, in order to catch said butterflies, Sally must travel to the old Wellington Wells Train Station where Ollie Starkey lives.

Required/Recommended Items Edit

Because you'll be engaging a crowd towards the end of the mission, you'll want some armor to protect yourself, as well as some items to heal for if they score several hits on you. Because of the Plague being rampant, a Phenocyline syringe or two could be beneficial. And, of course, a weapon or two that has enough durability to be able to fight a large number of enemies. Bangers, Blue Molotovs and other AOE weapons are recommended to fight enemies that, initially, are clustered in groups.

Walkthrough Edit

Enter the Ruins Edit

Follow the quest marker to the entrance of the station. You'll notice that since Arthur's departure, the station has suffered some destruction.

Collect Butterflies Edit

You'll have to navigate the station and find ten different patches of butterflies to complete this objective. Though part of the station collapses and locks you in, fear not: this doesn't happen while you're out butterfly catching. The station is still a linear layout, with alterations; you'll have to use the scaffolding, climb debris, and scale the old steel girders holding up the place to catch all the butterflies.

Towards the end you'll see a group of Plague-infested Wastrels surrounding a recently killed hooligan. They may not attack you, but will once you attempt the next objective.

Find the Train Station Key Edit

If you follow the path, you'll eventually come to an exit that's blocked by a strange, unique lock. Note: this section will not unlock until you have all ten butterflies collected. You'll need a special key which can be found on the body of the wastrel surrounded by the 'plaguies.' The moment you attempt to search the fallen wastrel, the plaguies will attack. Dispatch them by any means necessary, then go back and retrieve the key.

Find the Exit Edit

Head to the door and get out of the crumbling building.

Craft 2x Pheromones Edit

Find a Chemistry Station, either in a Safe House or at Sally's lab, and craft the pheromones once you have all necessary ingredients.

Rewards Edit

  • 9 Experience Points
  • Butterflies now appear throughout Wellington Wells, available to catch

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Quest History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The quest can be seen as a follow-up to Ollie's opening quest concerning the fate of the train station.

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