Everybody Must Get Stoned is a side quest in We Happy Few . It takes place in the Garden District.


  • Stop the stoning
  • Open the chest

In-Game Description Edit

So Charles Peter has finally gone around the bend. He's quite a menace, isn't he? I ought to get him to stop doing that, before he hurts somebody.

Go forth, and sin no more!

I wonder what's in that chest?


If Arthur gets too close to the area Charles Peter is throwing his rocks, he will be hit by Charles continously until he moves out of the area. It doesn't matter if Arthur sneaks, as Charles will be locked on target the entire time.

Arthur can either run up on the platform and kill him, or allow him to run away. Once up on the platform, the bell will ring and a couple of Wastrels will attack Arthur.

After searching through the chest up on the platform, the quest finishes.

Collectibles Edit

Random Items

Trivia Edit

  • The player is able to crawl underneath the platform, to which they'll find a Low Dresser.
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