Eureka is the name of a Memory for Arthur in We Happy Few. It is located in the control room underneath the Motilene Mines during the ending portion of Act l.

Summary Edit

Arthur, whilst waiting to get on to the train to Germany, gets the brilliant idea to take Percy with him to Germany. Percy hesitates at first, but eventually agrees to go with him.

Transcript Edit

Arthur: "I've got it! What if you come with me?"

Percy: "But I'm too old."

Arthur: "What if I sneak you on the train?"

Percy: "But that's against... that's against the rules!"

Arthur: "If we get caught, I'll just say that it was a mix-up and you can play dumb."

Percy: "Are you sure?"

Arthur: "Remember how we snuck you on the camping trip? Didn't it work out brilliantly? Just trust me."

Percy: "I trust you, Arthur. I said, I trust you, Arthur."

Arthur: "We'll go to Germany together. We'll take care of each other, no matter what happens."

Trivia Edit

  • "Eureka" is an injerjection of greek origin which means "I have found it!", often used in celebration of a discovery or invention.
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