The End in Alpha.

Escape is the final quest in the early development of We Happy Few. This was the end of Alpha gameplay.

The player had to get to the final island, Apple Holm, then get inside a mansion and climb down the hatch located inside. Down the hatch the player had to go down the stairs and to the sewers. This is where Arthur gets on a raft and rows his way to the Parade District.

The player had to wear a gas mask on the island, or else they'd quickly die by the toxic fog.

The quest has since been removed and is now known as Britannia in the final game.

Trivia Edit

  • The mansion was eventually put in Eel Pie Holm, and is part of the quest, Mastermind. Unlike the mansion in Mastermind, The Make Believes Song In The Dead of Winter does not play.
  • The path down to the sewer was eventually blocked off by a hatch door the player can now use to fast travel with. Interestingly though, everything that appeared beyond the Hatch door is still present in the game.

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