Empathy for the Devil is a Story Quest in the Lightbearer DLC. It's encountered after Nick wakes up from the elevator fall from the previous quest.


  • Exit Hell

In-Game DescriptionEdit

I'm in Hell? Oh no no no! I want another chance! There has to be an exit!


Head down the hall and exit through the vault door and continue down the stairs.

The screams of men and women can be heard as Nick realises he's in hell, the player cannot fall in the lava and will have to make his way past the cage to move forward.

After coming up to a church, the doors will explode open. Eventually Nick will be encountered by Foggy Jack, or who Nick presumes to be the Devil. Nick will then fall through the church floor and fall down into the hedge maze outside of the hotel, this ends the quest.



  • The name of the quest could be a reference to the song made by The Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil.
    • Though it could also reference the book Empathy for the Devil: Finding Ourselves in the Villains of the Bible.
  • On the wall, the word "Poseur" is scribbled on the wall, when translated from French it reads "Phoney".
  • Nick Lightbearer's corpse can be found lying in a bathtub in the lava, referencing his death from Act I. Three of Reg Cutty's meat devices can also be seen behind him.
  • There is a pile of Nick corpses in the cage.
  • There are giant piles of Nick's special pills by the stairs.
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