My Dear Thomas,

Can we not forgive and forget, now that we're both in our twilight?
It was half a century ago that we brought Bonny Prince Charlie across the Channel from the horrible trenches of France. I know you loved him as I did, and that I was wrong to steal him from your garden and keep him from you all those years.

What you perhaps did not know is that I also loved Sarah. Yes, your Sarah. Did she ever tell you that I had proposed? I never spoke of it again, but when she preferred you to me, I went out of my mind with jealousy and grief. I suppose part of me wanted to make you hurt as I did. But looking back, I think I stole Charlie because I needed someone in my life to love.

You've had a large loving family all these years. All I had was Bonny Prince Charlie for his few remaining years -- then nothing but lonliness and longing since. Can you not see it in your heart to forgive your poor brother, in your final days, knowing that you have had so much love and family in your own life?

Your Brother,

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