Captain Edward Lawrence was the brother of Colonel Henry Lawrence, Sr. both brothers served in the British Army and well respected veterans within the Community. The two brothers had a fall out over a fight with a dog.

Events in We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

When the colonel asked Arthur to tell Edward he was sorry, because Edward's support rarely looked after him as well the houses power being out no one checked on him. And when Arthur discovered the captain he discovered that the book shelf had fallen on top the man and had killed him.

Act Three Edit

Ollie finds a note of the funeral of Henry saying that Edward won't be invited by orders of the family, who are unaware he is dead.

Trivia: Edit

  • A threatening note can be found in his house reading "How do you like those apples?" This could possibly mean he was likely murdered.
  • Edward is shown to be serious debt, with the many signs and letters of unpaid bills and eviction notice.
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