Edmund "Ed/Eddie" MacMillan is a character in We Happy Few, encountered by Arthur Hastings, Sally Boyle, and Ollie Starkey in their respective storylines.


Edmund is a grown man wearing a blue delivery outfit, including a blue hat with a cleaver in front. Like the other Wellies, he wears a happy face mask with round glasses on top.

He has a thick, Bristol accent.


Edmund was the first, and possibly only, friend of Percival Hastings (besides Arthur). Getting along together well, most likely because they're both "slow" and "dim", Edmund often praised Percy for what he considered to be genius. 

Arthur seemed to get along with Edmund as well, appreciating his friendship with Percy. 

He was 13 by the time the kids were taking on the train, making him too old to go, hence why he's present in Wellington Wells. Arthur is surprised to learn that Edmund has become the Butcher's delivery boy. 

The people at the pub seem to fancy Edmund, sometimes giving him treats. The bartender also gets very mad at the sight of seeing Edmund hurt, and is willing to kill the Plough Boys for it. 

Margaret Worthing recognizes Edmund, stating he was in the class just before her. She also says he was sweet, saving birds that fell out of nests. 

Events of We Happy FewEdit

Act OneEdit

Edmund is discovered to still be alive by Arthur when he talks to the impatient women waiting for their packages. It turns out that Edmund is the delivery boy, and Arthur sets out to find him, only to discover that the Plough Boys, the local street gang, have beaten him up and broken his legs. 

After dispatching the gang, Arthur carries Edmund to a nearby pub to get medical attention, and Edmund asks him to deliver the rest of the meat for him, commenting on how Percy always said that he was "good." 

Act TwoEdit

Edmund is abducted by cultists, who convinced him to follow them with the promise of sweets. Sally is told of his location by Jane Rowbothome. Edmund, after being rescued, exclaims his gratitude to Sally, but can't move on his own, as his legs still appear to be broken. Sally later sends Cap'n Strawbeard to help him get back to the pub.

Act Three Edit

Ollie encounters Edmund in the pub, asking him why he doesn't have any crutches on him. He explains that they suddenly disppeared, asking Ollie if he thinks someone took them. Ollie then suggests to make new ones for him.

After Edmund is given the new crutches, he says that Ollie is very, very good.


  • Edmund seems to have been the only friend Percy had, other than Arthur, before he was taken to Germany.
  • It's safe to say that Edmund, much like Percy, also has neurological disorder, specifically Autism. Evident by how they're both similarly described by the people that knew them.
  • Edmund may not even take Joy at all; given his condition. This would make sense since he still remembers Percy even without having any possible reminders of him. And, unlike most Wellies who appear happy but still act very grim, Ed seems to be naturally Joyful.
  • It is unknown if he learns the truth about Reg Cutty and the atrocities he helped to commit, as Reg says Edmund's disorders limit his capabilities, and worries Edmund would get hurt by such machinery.
  • He is one of the most reoccurring NPCs in the game, as he is encountered by all three playable characters.
  • Edmund and his first quest's name, "Superb Meat Boy", is actually a nod to the game Super Meat Boy. and it's creator, Edmund McMillen.
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