Ed MacLear is the son in law of Henry Lawrence Sr. Like most of the remaining family, he wants to get rid of the colonel, but doesn't want to trouble themselves doing it. He is the husband of Regina MacLear.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act lEdit

Arthur overhears Ed and Regina arguing over who should bring up colonel Lawrence's tea by the window. He argues that Regina was the one who wanted Lawrence to live with them before coldly saying they should pave way for the new generation. Arthur is appalled by this statement.

Act ll Edit

Sally is greeted by Ed at the front door who says the family is soon to be in mourning, with any luck. She tells him she's got medicine for the colonel. Ed doesn't allow this at first, saying they want to let nature take it's course. After reassuring him it's meant to ease the veteran through the process, Ed quickly accepts and asks to recieve the medicine. Though Sally makes the excuse of it having to be put in the "other end", to which he asks if she could do for him instead.

Act lll Edit

Ollie overhears Ed and the family arguing over what to do with Colonel's body without anyone noticing.


  • For some reason, his name keeps changing between Acts, sometimes he's referred to as Ed MacLear, and sometimes as Henry Lawrence Jr.
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