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Below is a list of most Easter Eggs and references in We Happy Few.

Quest Names[]

Act I[]

Act II[]

Act III[]

Character Names[]

  • William Godwin is a reference to the English journalist, political philosopher and novelist of the same name.
  • Benedick Keyes and Beatrice Gates are references to Benedick and Beatrice from Shakespearean's Much Ado About Nothing.
  • Mr. Kite is a reference to the Beatles song "Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!"
  • Eric Liddell is a reference to the Scottish Olympic runner of the same name.
  • Edmund MacMillan is a reference to Edmund McMillen, creator of Super Meat Boy, among other titles.
  • Elizabeth Stride is a reference to the third victim of Jack the Ripper.
  • Jack Worthing is a reference to the fictional character John 'Jack' Worthing from Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest.


  • When the player dies and respawns, a warning sign saying 'There's nothing to see!' appears in the exact spot where they died, regardless of District.
  • The statue depicting the Duke of Wellington has a traffic cone on its head, it references the real statue in Glasgow.
  • George Villers can be found dead in Adams Park.
    • In earlier versions of the game, the player was able to save George by giving him various health supplies.
  • The writing 'Look, ma! No hans!' can be seen inside of the watchtower on Ravensholm, it references when Britain won WWII, though because Germany won, it's possibly been written by a German Soldier.
  • Mrs. Pankhurst provided the proper suits found on Salamanca Bridge.
  • Victoria Byng donated to the Pheonix Theatre on Salamanca Bridge. She also gifted the fountain 'Light Rain' to the Wellington Wells Health Institute.
  • Robert Byng gifted the fountain 'Light Rain' to the Wellington Wells Health Institute.
  • Madame Wanda, owner of the Reform Club, gifted the fountain 'Water Sports' to the Wellington Wells Health Institute.
    • 'Water Sports' is a sexual activity involving urination.
  • There's a board in Haworth Labs that says it's been 0 days since their last accident.
  • The names B K + B G is written on one of the Wedding Party Stones in the Parade District, next to Arkwright's museum of the future. The names reference Benedick Keyes and Beatrice Gates.
    • The names Salamander + Sparky is also written on the stones. Arthur uses 'Salamander' as a nickname for Sally, though Sparky's identity is unknown.

Outside Media[]

  • Prudence's office has a vacation board, one of the cards references the 1998 movie "Dark City", "Welcome to Shell Beach", a town that everyone knows of but has no idea how to get to.
  • There's a reoccurring brown teddy bear with white button eyes and white hands, it's a possible reference to Mr. Beans' teddy.
  • The song 'For Months and Months and Months' plays in one of the abandoned houses in Barrow Holm, it's a song from 1910 by Jack Norworth. It repeats the first verse over and over.
  • There's a tea party in the middle of the grasslands in Barrow Holm, possibly references Alice in Wonderland.
  • Johnny Bolton mentions being part of the Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.), which was a British organisation during WWII.
  • Beatrice Gates and Benedick Keyes reference the Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing.
  • At the Gardner House, there's a room underneath the stairs with a broom, matress, small desk, and a rat inside. It's possibly a reference to Harry Potter.
  • Johnny Bolton's dolls are named after fictional British secret agents. Charlie Croker (The Italian Job 1969), Jack Carter (Get Carter 1971), Lt. Gonville Bromhead (Zulu 1964), Lt. Colonel J.O.E Vandeleur (A Bridge Too Far 1977) Peachy Carnehan (The Man Who Would Be King 1975), and Nigel Powers (Austin Powers In Goldmember 2002). All of which are played by Michael Caine.
  • The Plague Wastrels speak in Old English, specifically quotes from the old poem Beowulf.
  • There's an NPC in Haworth Labs who's called Ryan Andrews, it's a reference to Andrew Ryan from BioShock.
  • Cilla Humphreys mentions that Davy Hackney made her tape up her breasts, comparing it to "that girl who played Dorothy, in that old movie about the shoes." This is a reference to The Wizard Of Oz (1939), in which Judy Garland (the role of Dorothy) was forced to have her chest taped up in order to appear younger for the role, among other exploitations.
  • There's a poster at the Wellington Wells Health Institute that uses a free clip art of a doctor, though it's been somewhat modified. The same clip art can be seen in BioShock, advertising Dr. Steinman.
  • 'Kat's Song' from Compulsion Games' first title, Contrast, plays in the first hatch on Ratholm.
  • When Sally first enters the old lab on Ratholm, she'll mention expecting a Cheshire cat watching her in the trees. This references Alice on Wonderland.
  • When Ollie goes to visit Jack Worthing, he says 'Here's Ollie!', referencing The Shining.


Removed Easter Eggs[]

  • Using the Ghost command to no clip into houses behind the shops would reveal brutal murder scenes in Wellie's houses.
  • The storage room at the Reform Club used to be filled with Wellie mannequins, small promotional cards for the game scattered on the floor, female happy-face masks and an office name plate with the engraving "PAX 2016 Booth".