Dunkerton Waterworks is the municipal water treatment plant located in Dunkerton District, where Joy is transferred throughout the water pipes in Wellington Wells.

History: Edit

At some point after when Joy was being produced, people still wouldn't take it. In a flashback, General Robert Byng discuses with his daughter Victoria Byng how their were riots still going on. Victoria suggests putting Joy in the water supply, seeing how a lot of people drink tea. This proved effective throughout Wellington Wells.

Events Of We All Fall Down DLC: Edit

On October 24th, 1964 Victoria Byng travels to Dunkerton Waterworks to seal off the Joy from the water, after taking out the Mood Booths the day prior to that. Making her down to the treatment floor, Dr Verloc appears in the control room above having anticipated her next move. He orders Doctors and plant workers to stop her. After defeating them and shutting off the Joy intake valve, Victoria escapes to the top before the area is over flooded by Joy water.

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