Dunkerton District is a separate island district in Wellington Wells. Connected to Waterloo District and start of gameplay in We All Fall Down DLC.

History: Edit

Dunkerton District is home to Dunkerton Waterworks, where Joy is pumped into the water supply.

We All Fall Down: Edit

On October 23rd, 1964 Victoria Byng stumbles around Dunkerton District in search of a Mood Booth. Along the way finding people eating charcoal, plague in the Village, dead bodies lying around and people starving. Eventually reaching a Mood Booth, but stops herself from taking Joy. A bobby noticing this calls her out as a Downer and others attack her. Hiding in a house, she finds dead victims of a suicide party. Having to find a place to think, she climbs down a sewer manhole into Wellington Underground.

Trivia: Edit

  • The name of the district is a reference to small New England village Dunkerton, Somerset.
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