Duck Soup is a side quest in We Happy Few


  • Come back at night (if approaching the location during the day)
  • Ask all the campers about their duck
  • Go get the duck
  • Ask them all about the duck again

In-Game DescriptionEdit

I guess they're out foraging. Maybe I should come back by tonight. (if approaching the location during the day) They seem like nice people. Why are they cooking a rubber duck, though? Strange that such a small thing should be the cause of so much strife. I wonder what makes it such a compelling duck. That is one charismatic duck. I wonder how they're doing now that they've given up their duckie.


Arthur comes across a ruined house with four Wastrels gathered around a campfire, one of which is stirring a rubber duck in a bucket filled with boiling water. Arthur asks every one of them about the duck, the cook says it is a mere decoy for the real duck they're going to catch, one of the two ladies says the rubber ducky represents hope, the other lady says it represents their lost childhood and, the last guy says it is a thermometer. After talking to all of the members, Richard takes the ducky out of the bucket and throws it in the bushes nearby, Arthur goes and picks it up before going back to the Wastrel, who thanks Arthur for saving them from going mad by the duck.


Books that the player will get Edit

Guide to Fitting In

Trivia: Edit

  • The name of the side quest is a possible reference to the film Duck Soup (1933), a war comedy musical staring the four Marx Brothers.
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