ctober 9

o the Executive Committee:

I am writing to request more funds for our study of Coconut Joy. While we have not yet found a dosage that allows our subjects to complete the fun ride without soiling themselves, I remain committed to this research.

Perhaps the problem is that we're using plague wastrels? I have asked Verloc to send over some of his healthy Downer subjects, but he has declined. [CROSSED OUT: That man never shared so much as a sidewalk in his entire life. ]

I understand the rationale of using only people who won't be missed, but I am convinced we would have better results with better test subjects and more funding. Surely it would be wise to continue seeking an alternative to Dr. Verloc's "Permanent Solution" in the event that his research [CROSSED OUT: turns out to be complete balderdash] is not the success he imagines?

I do hope you can see your way to increased funding of my research. [CROSSED OUT: Even though I'm not an arse-kisser like]

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