A Downer Detector on the right.

Downer Detectors are a special kind of Joy Detector that the player finds scattered across The Village and the Parade District. Their main purpose is to detect any Downers passing by in the area, detecting if they are high on Joy/Sunshine or not.

If the player were to pass by a Downer Detector while not high on drugs, the beam will turn red with an alarm going off, any nearby spankers will charge up electricity before zapping them. The player can avoid being spanked by wearing the Rubber Cat Suit.

Variations Edit

The player can come across two kinds of Downer Detectors throughout the Village. One that functions more so as a gate, blocking off the path forward unless the player takes Joy. There is always one control box on the left side of the pillar, depending on where the player is facing it's either in the front or back. By using a shortspike to short circuit it, the player can pass safely without ever needing Joy to pass.

The other is much smaller with one beam securing the entrances of houses as well as the stairs inside. The player is unable to jump or crouch past them and has to rely on getting by using Joy, Sunshine or climbing through a window, alternatively, the player can sit down in a chair nearby to phase through the beam without activating it in the process. There is always a control box that powers each of the Downer Detectors.

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